Total Synthesis of (±)-Garsubellin A

The first total synthesis of garsubellin A, a neurotrophic compound with potent choline acetyltransferase-inducing activity, is described. Keys for success were (1) stereoselective intermolecular aldol reaction at the C-4 position with acetaldehyde, (2) stereoelective Claisen rearrangement to introduce an allyl group to the most sterically crowded position at C-6, (3) ring-closing metathesis to construct the B-ring, and (4) Wacker-type oxidative C-ring formation. This synthetic route can be extended to an asymmetric synthesis of garsubellin A using the Koga catalytic enantioselective alkylation, which produced enantioenriched α-prenyl cyclohexenone with excellent enantioselectivity (95% ee).