Three-Component Coupling Reactions of Silylglyoxylates, Alkynes, and Aldehydes:  A Chemoselective One-Step Glycolate Aldol Construction

2005-05-04T00:00:00Z (GMT) by David A. Nicewicz Jeffrey S. Johnson
A single-pot three-component coupling reaction of silylglyoxylates (1), terminal alkynes, and aldehydes in the presence of ZnI2 and Et3N is presented. The products of the reaction, densely functionalized silyl-protected glycolate aldols (2), can be converted to the corresponding acetonides (3) in a one-pot deprotection/ketalization sequence. A variety of terminal alkynes and aldehydes can be successfully employed to give a range of highly functionalized, fully protected 1,2-diols in good yields and moderate diastereoselectivities. Mechanistic experiments suggest that the zinc acetylide reacts with the silylgyloxylate (1) in a chemoselective manner. Using an unoptimized (+)-N-methylephedrine and Zn(OTf)2 system, silyl-deprotected adduct 2 was formed in 64% ee and 89:11 dr.