The DEAD Box Helicase YxiN Maintains a Closed Conformation during ATP Hydrolysis

2009-11-17T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Regula Aregger Dagmar Klostermeier
DEAD box helicases unwind RNA duplexes at the expense of ATP hydrolysis. Recently, unwinding has been demonstrated in the absence of ATP hydrolysis. Herein, we show that ADP·BeFx supports RNA unwinding by YxiN, a DEAD box helicase that specifically recognizes a hairpin in 23S rRNA. ADP·AlFx and ADP·MgFx do not promote RNA unwinding, but all ATP analogues induce a closed conformation of the helicase core as required for RNA unwinding. Our results show that the interdomain cleft in the helicase core closes upon ATP binding at the beginning of the cycle. Reopening occurs after ATP hydrolysis, most likely coupled to phosphate release.