Targeting to Endothelial Cells Augments the Protective Effect of Novel Dual Bioactive Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory Nanoparticles

Oxidative stress and inflammation are intertwined contributors to numerous acute vascular pathologies. A novel dual bioactive nanoparticle with antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties was developed based on the interactions of tocopherol phosphate and the manganese porphyrin SOD mimetic, MnTMPyP. The size and drug incorporation efficiency were shown to be dependent on the amount of MnTMPyP added as well as the choice of surfactant. MnTMPyP was shown to retain its SOD-like activity while in intact particles and to release in a slow and controlled manner. Conjugation of anti-PECAM antibody to the nanoparticles provided endothelial targeting and potentiated nanoparticle-mediated suppression of inflammatory activation of these cells manifested by expression of VCAM, E-selectin, and IL-8. This nanoparticle technology may find applicability with drug combinations relevant for other pathologies.