Tailor-Made Highly Luminescent and Ambipolar Transporting Organic Mixed Stacked Charge-Transfer Crystals: An Isometric Donor–Acceptor Approach

We have rationally designed a densely packed 1:1 donor–acceptor (DA) cocrystal system comprising two isometric distyrylbenzene- and dicyanodistyrylbenzene-based molecules, forming regular one-dimensional mixed stacks. The crystal exhibits strongly red-shifted, bright photoluminescence originating from an intermolecular charge-transfer state. The peculiar electronic situation gives rise to high and ambipolar p-/n-type field-effect mobility up to 6.7 × 10–3 and 6.7 × 10–2 cm2 V–1 s–1, respectively, as observed in single-crystalline OFETs prepared via solvent vapor annealing process. The unique combination of favorable electric and optical properties arising from an appropriate design concept of isometric DA cocrystal has been demonstrated as a promising candidate for next generation (opto-)­electronic materials.