Synthesis of 1,3-Difluoroaromatics in One Pot by Addition of Difluorocarbene from Sodium Chlorodifluoroacetate to 1,2-Substituted Cyclobutenes

The synthesis of 1,3-difluoro-2,4-diphenylbenzene has been accomplished in one step from 1,2-diphenylcyclobutene using the environmentally benign difluorocarbene precursor sodium chlorodifluoroacetate. In addition, the preparation of the previously unknown compound 1,3-difluoro-2,4-di-n-propylbenzene has been accomplished in one step from 1,2-di-n-propylcyclobutene using Seyferth's reagent (Ph−Hg−CF3) and sodium chlorodifluoroacetate.