Synthesis and X-ray Structures of Dinuclear and Trinuclear Gold(I) and Dinuclear Gold(II) Amidinate Complexes

The structures of the trinuclear gold(I), [Au3(2,6-Me2-form)2-(THT)Cl], the dinuclear [Au2(2,6-Me2-form)2], and the oxidative-addition product [Au2(2,6-Me2-form)2Cl2] formamidinate complexes are reported. The trinuclear complex is stable with gold−gold distances 3.01 and 3.55 Å. The gold−gold distance in the dinuclear complex decreases upon oxidative-addition with halogens from 2.7 to 2.5 Å, similar to observations made with the dithiolates and ylides.