Synthesis and Characterization of the {Si(NHCH2CH2NH)3[Mo(CO)3]2}2– Complex Comprising the Si(NHCH2CH2NH)32– Octahedron

Reactions of K12Si17 with the low-valent transition-metal complex Mo­(CO)3(C7H8) in ethylenediamine/toluene solutions in the presence of 2,2,2-cryptand yield the {Si­(NHCH2CH2NH)3[Mo­(CO)3]2}2– dianion, which contains an octahedral Si­(NHCH2CH2NH)32– subunit. The SiN6 core comprises a rare example of a doubly deprotonated ethylenediame ligand in a coordination complex and is also the first structurally characterized example of a homoleptic Si­(N∩N)3 trischelate. Its structure and spectroscopic properties are described.