Synthesis, Derivatization, and Structural Analysis of Phosphorylated Mono‑, Di‑, and Trifluorinated d‑Gluco-heptuloses by Glucokinase: Tunable Phosphoglucomutase Inhibition

Glucokinase phosphorylated a series of C-1 fluorinated α-d-gluco-heptuloses. These phosphorylated products were discovered to be inhibitors of α-phosphomannomutase/phosphoglucomutase (αPMM/PGM) and β-phosphoglucomutase (βPGM). Inhibition potency with both mutases inversely correlated to the degree of fluorination. Structural analysis with αPMM demonstrated the inhibitor binding to the active site, with the phosphate in the phosphate binding site and the anomeric hydroxyl directed to the catalytic site.