Synthesis, Characterization, and Rietveld Refinement of Tungsten-Framework-Doped Porous Manganese Oxide (K-OMS-2) Material

Tungsten was successfully doped at 1 and 2 mol % tungsten into the K-OMS-2 framework. Sodium tungstate and tungsten pentabromide were used in a reflux synthesis preparation. The data collected from the characterization methods collectively affirm the substitution of tungsten into the K-OMS-2 framework. Conductivity measurements showed an increase in the resistivity. Conversion of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde had a conversion of 25 and 15% for the sodium tungstate and tungsten pentabromide, respectively, while retaining 100% selectivity. Properties such as the resistivity, thermal stability, and crystallinity of the material were altered depending on the amount and type of starting reactants used.