Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of a New Mononuclear Benzyl−Cobalt Complex Containing Mixed Tridentate Imino−Oxime and Diamine Ligands

The complex [C6H5CH2Co(L)(LR)]ClO4 (3), where L = 2-((2-pyridylethyl)imino)-3-butanone oximato and LR = 2-((2-pyridylethyl)amino)-3-aminobutane, has been prepared by reduction with NaBH4 of the complex [CoIII(L)2]ClO4, followed by addition of C6H5CH2Cl. The compounds was characterized in the solid state by X-ray analysis. The complex undergoes Co−C homolytic cleavage under acidic conditions, giving dibenzyl under a nitrogen atmosphere and benzaldehyde in the presence of air.