Studies on the Synthesis of Landomycin A. Synthesis of the Originally Assigned Structure of the Aglycone, Landomycinone, and Revision of Structure

2004-07-23T00:00:00Z (GMT) by William R. Roush R. Jeffrey Neitz
The originally proposed structure (2) of landomycinone, the aglycone of landomycin A, has been synthesized and shown to be nonidentical to the naturally derived landomycin A aglycone. The synthesis of 2 features the Dötz benzannulation reaction of chromium carbene 5 and alkyne 6, and the intramolecular Michael-type cyclization reaction of the phenolic naphthoquinone 20. It is proposed that natural landomycinone possesses the alternative structure 3, but attempts to access this structure via the Michael-type cyclization of the isomeric phenolic naphthoquinone 38 have been unsuccessful.