Silane–Allyl Coupling Reactions of Cp*(iPr2MeP)Fe(η3‑C3H5) and Synthetic Access to the Hydrido–Dinitrogen Complex Cp*(iPr2MeP)FeH(N2)

2015-06-08T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Patrick W. Smith T. Don Tilley
Herein we report reactions of the iron allyl complex Cp*­(iPr2MeP)­Fe­(η3-C3H5) with sterically demanding silanes. These reactions lead to stoichiometric hydrosilation of the allyl ligand and dehydrocoupling reactions between the silane and the allyl group. Furthermore, this system has allowed access to a novel Si–H oxidative addition–reductive elimination equilibrium involving Cp*­(iPr2MeP)­FeH2(SiH2DMP) and Cp*­(iPr2MeP)­FeH­(N2), which was independently synthesized.