Self-Assembly of One- and Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymers with Quinonoid Backbones Featuring Coinage Metals as Nodes

We report the use of the organometallic linker [Cp*Ir(η4-benzoquinone)] (1b) LIr to construct novel supramolecular one- and two-dimensional (1D and 2D) coordination polymers {[Cu2(LIr)2(CH3CN)(OTf)2][LIr](OTf)}n (3) and {[Ag2(CH3CN)2][LIr]2(OTf)2}n (4). Complex 3 formed a zigzag chain of Cu(I) and Cu(II) centers connected through irido-quinonoid backbones, while complex 4 exhibited argentopilic Ag---Ag d10---d10 contacts at d = 3.638 Å and C---H/π interactions between the 1D chain neighbors.