Self-Assembly of Broadband White-Light Emitters

We use organic cations to template the solution-state assembly of corrugated lead halide layers in bulk crystalline materials. These layered hybrids emit radiation across the entire visible spectrum upon ultraviolet excitation. They are promising as single-source white-light phosphors for use with ultraviolet light-emitting diodes in solid-state lighting devices. The broadband emission provides high color rendition and the chromaticity coordinates of the emission can be tuned through halide substitution. We have isolated materials that emit the “warm” white light sought for many indoor lighting applications as well as “cold” white light that approximates the visible region of the solar spectrum. Material syntheses are inexpensive and scalable and binding agents are not required for film deposition, eliminating problems of binder photodegradation. These well-defined and tunable structures provide a flexible platform for studying the rare phenomenon of intrinsic broadband emission from bulk materials.