Regioselective Synthesis of Functionalized 3- or 5‑Fluoroalkyl Isoxazoles and Pyrazoles from Fluoroalkyl Ynones and Binucleophiles

A facile synthetic route toward either 3- or 5-fluoroalkyl-substituted isoxazoles or pyrazoles containing an additional functionalization site was developed and applied on a multigram scale. The elaborated approach extends the scope of fluoroalkyl substituents for introduction into the heterocyclic moiety, and uses convenient transformations of the side chain for incorporation of fluoroalkyl-substituted azoles into the structures of biologically active molecules. The utility of the obtained building blocks for isosteric replacement of alkyl-substituted isoxazole and pyrazole was shown by the synthesis of fluorinated Isocarboxazid and Mepiprazole analogues.