Refined OPLS All-Atom Force Field Parameters for n‑Pentadecane, Methyl Acetate, and Dimethyl Phosphate

OPLS All-Atom (OPLS/AA) is a generic all-atom force field which was fine-tuned to accurately reproduce condensed phase properties of organic liquids. Its application in modeling of lipid membranes is, however, limited mainly due to the inability to correctly describe phase behavior and organization of the hydrophobic core of the model lipid bilayers. Here we report new OPLS/AA parameters for n-pentadecane, methyl acetate, and dimethyl phosphate anion. For the new force field parameters, we show very good agreement between calculated and numerous reference data, including liquid density, enthalpy of vaporization, free energy of hydration, and selected transport properties. The new OPLS/AA parameters have been used in successful submicrosecond MD simulations of bilayers made of bacterial glycolipids whose results will be published elsewhere shortly.