Redox-Active Zeolitic Transition Metal Oxides Based on ε‑Keggin Units for Selective Oxidation

The design and development of zeolitic transition metal oxides for selective oxidation are interesting due to the combination of the redox properties and microporosities. Redox-active zeolitic transition metal oxides based on ε-Keggin iron molybdates were synthesized. O2 can be activated by the materials via an electron-transfer-based process, and the materials can be oxidized even at room temperature. The materials are oxidized and reduced reversibly while the crystal structures are maintained. V is uniformly incorporated in the materials without changing the basic structures, and the redox properties of the materials are tuned by V. The materials are used as robust catalysts for ethyl lactate oxidation to form ethyl pyruvate using O2 as an oxidant.