Pressure-Induced Structural Transition in n-Pentane:  A Raman Study

2007-06-28T00:00:00Z (GMT) by G. Kavitha Chandrabhas Narayana
Pressure-induced Raman spectroscopy studies on n-pentane have been carried out up to 17 GPa at ambient temperature. n-Pentane undergoes a liquid−solid transition around 3.0 GPa and a solid−solid transition around 12.3 GPa. The intensity ratio of the Raman modes related to all-trans conformation (1130 cm-1 and 2850 cm-1) to that of gauche conformation (1090 cm-1 and 2922 cm-1) suggests an increase in the gauche population conformers above 12.3 GPa. This is accompanied with broadening of Raman modes above 12.3 GPa. The high-pressure phase of n-pentane above 12.3 GPa is a disordered phase where the carbon chains are kinked. The pressure-induced order−disorder phase transition is different from the behavior of higher hydrocarbon like n-heptane.