Prediction and Characterization of NaGaS2, A High Thermal Conductivity Mid-Infrared Nonlinear Optical Material for High-Power Laser Frequency Conversion

Infrared nonlinear optical (IR NLO) crystals are the major materials to widen the output range of solid-state lasers to mid- or far-infrared regions. The IR NLO crystals used in the middle IR region are still inadequate for high-power laser applications because of deleterious thermal effects (lensing and expansion), low laser-induced damage threshold, and two-photon absorption. Herein, the unbiased global minimum search method was used for the first time to search for IR NLO optical materials and ultimately found a new IR NLO material NaGaS2. It meets the stringent demands for IR NLO materials pumped by high-power laser with the highest thermal conductivity among common IR NLO materials able to avoid two-photon absorption, a classic nonlinear coefficient, and wide infrared transparency.