Pillared 3d−4f Frameworks with Rare 3D Architecture Showing the Coexistence of Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Interactions between Gadolinium Ions

One novel 3d−4f polymer, namely Gd3(IN)10(μ-OH2)6Cu52-Cl)4(H2O) (1) (HIN = isonicotinic acid), has been synthesized hydrothermally and characterized by X-ray diffraction analysis. The overall structure motif of polymer 1 is the pillared 3D 3d−4f framework made up of carboxylate-bridged 4f metal layers and diverse pillars, H-shaped pillars, and (double acalixarene)-related pillars. Varible-temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal the occurrence of a significantly dominant ferromagnetic interaction at 70−300 K.