Osmium(VII) Fluorine Compounds

2006-09-18T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Hashem Shorafa Konrad Seppelt
Of the four published osmium fluorine compounds in the oxidation state +7, OsO3F, OsO2F3, OsOF5, and OsF7, only one (OsOF5) is a real Os(VII) compound. OsO3F has obviously been OsO4. OsO2F3 in its two modifications is a mixed-valence Os(VI)/Os(VIII) compound, whereas a new compound Os2O3F7 is a mixed-valence OsV/Os(VIII) compound. The molecular structures of OsO3F, OsO2F3, and OsO3F2 are calculated. OsO3F2 seems to exist in two forms, with D3h and Cs symmetry. The original preparation of OsF7 could not be reproduced, only OsF6 has been obtained.