One-Step Synthesis of Polycrystalline Carbon Nanofibers with Periodic Dome-Shaped Interiors and Their Reversible Lithium-Ion Storage Properties

2007-08-21T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Da Deng Jim Yang Lee
Carbon nanofibers and carbon nanotubes continue to draw unwavering interest from industrial and academic communities because of their fascinating properties and their projected application values. This paper reports a one-step synthesis of high-purity carbon nanofibers with dome-shaped interiors by the noncatalytic thermal decomposition of acetylene over a copper surface at atmospheric pressure. These uniquely shaped carbon nanofibers were impurity free, and their dome-shaped interiors could be repeated with high periodicity throughout the length. In addition, Y-junction and forklike carbon nanofibers with the same internal structure were also formed as byproducts. The growth of these unique carbon nanomaterials could be rationalized by a mechanism based on the autocatalytic chemical vapor deposition of 3D graphene flakes. Preliminary electrochemical measurements indicated that the carbon nanofibers could be used as the active anode material for lithium-ion batteries, delivering good cyclability and a reversible capacity of ∼260 mAh/g at the high specific current of 100 mA/g.