Novel Dextransucrase Gtf-DSM, Highly Similar in Sequence to Reuteransucrase GtfO, Displays Unique Product Specificity

Lactic acid bacteria are known to produce extracellular polysaccharides such as α-glucan, levan, and inulin, which are promising for applications in food systems because of their prebiotic properties. In this work, a novel glucansucrase (GS) Gtf-DSM from Lactobacillus ingluviei DSM 14792 was recombinantly expressed and biochemically characterized as a dextransucrase capable of producing a dextran polysaccharide with four types of linkages, including 69% (α1 → 6), 24% (α1 → 3), 6% (α1 → 4), and 1% (α1 → 2). Intriguingly, the dextransucrase Gtf-DSM had a sequence identity of 99.3% with the reuteransucrase GtfO producing a reuteran with 21% (α1 → 6) and 79% (α1 → 4) linkages. Thus, the dextransucrase Gtf-DSM is a unique target for understanding the linkage specificity of GSs and the investigation of site-directed mutagenesis using Gtf-DSM and GtfO as templates is underway.