Nitrenium Ion Analogues of Nonclassical Carbocations: Cyclopropylnitrenium, Allylnitrenium, and Azetidenium Ions and Mechanisms for Their Interconversion

2015-02-06T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Daniel E. Falvey
Cyclopropylnitrenium 3S, allylnitreium 6S, and azetidenium (i.e., the nitrogen analogue of cyclobutylcarbenium) ions were examined using density functional theory and a complete basis set method. Similarly to the carbon analogues, the singlet states of these species have several local minima with nonclassical bonding. Structures characterized include 3S, an N analogue of the bisected cyclopropylcarbinyl cation, 11S, an N analogue of the bicyclobutonium ion, and 6S, an unsymmetric 2-azidinylcarbinyl cation.