Na<sub>1.4</sub>InTe<sub>3.6</sub>O<sub>9.4</sub>: New Variant of a Hexagonal Tungsten Oxide (HTO)-Like Layered Framework Containing Both a Main-Group Cation, In<sup>3+</sup>, and a Lone-Pair Cation, Te<sup>4+</sup>

2013-06-03T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Dong Woo Lee Kang Min Ok
A novel hexagonal tungsten oxide (HTO)-like layered framework containing a main-group cation, In<sup>3+</sup>, and a lone-pair cation, Te<sup>4+</sup>, is reported. Na<sub>1.4</sub>InTe<sub>3.6</sub>O<sub>9.4</sub> exhibits a layered structure consisting of InO<sub>6</sub>, TeO<sub>3</sub>, and TeO<sub>4</sub> polyhedra. The synthesis, crystal structure determination, characterization, and reactivity of the material will be presented.