Mn2+-Doped CdSe/CdS Core/Multishell Colloidal Quantum Wells Enabling Tunable Carrier–Dopant Exchange Interactions

In this work, we report the manifestations of carrier–dopant exchange interactions in colloidal Mn2+-doped CdSe/CdS core/multishell quantum wells. The carrier–magnetic ion exchange interaction effects are tunable through wave function engineering. In our quantum well heterostructures, manganese was incorporated by growing a Cd0.985Mn0.015S monolayer shell on undoped CdSe nanoplatelets using the colloidal atomic layer deposition technique. Unlike previously synthesized Mn2+-doped colloidal nanostructures, the location of the Mn ions was controlled with atomic layer precision in our heterostructures. This is realized by controlling the spatial overlap between the carrier wave functions with the manganese ions by adjusting the location, composition, and number of the CdSe, Cd1–xMnxS, and CdS layers. The photoluminescence quantum yield of our magnetic heterostructures was found to be as high as 20% at room temperature with a narrow photoluminescence bandwidth of ∼22 nm. Our colloidal quantum wells, which exhibit magneto-optical properties analogous to those of epitaxially grown quantum wells, offer new opportunities for solution-processed spin-based semiconductor devices.