Mn(OAc)3‑Promoted Oxidative Csp3–P Bond Formation through Csp2–Csp2 and P–H Bond Cleavage: Access to β‑Ketophosphonates

The Mn­(OAc)3-promoted oxidative phosphonylation of N,N-dimethylenaminones with H-phosphonates, involving a chemo- and regioselective Csp2–Csp2 bond cleavage and Csp3–P bond formation in one step, provided successfully functionalized β-ketophosphonates under mild reaction conditions. Oxidative Csp3–H/P–H cross-coupling reactions via Csp3–C­(CO) bond cleavage and mechanistic studies are conducted preliminarily, and a possible mechanism is proposed. This novel method proceeds in good to excellent yields, shows operational simplicity, broad substrate scope, and large-scale preparation.