Luteophanol A, a New Polyhydroxyl Compound from Symbiotic Marine Dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp.

Luteophanol A (1), a new polyhydroxy linear carbon-chain compound, has been isolated from the cultured marine dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp. which was isolated from the Okinawan marine acoel flatworm Pseudaphanostoma luteocoloris. The structure was elucidated by extensive analyses of 2D NMR spectra including PFG-HMBC, HSQC-HOHAHA, and INADEQUATE as well as FABMS/MS data. Luteophanol A (1) possesses a sulfate ester, two tetrahydropyrans, and nineteen hydroxyl groups on C57-linear aliphatic chain with one exo-methylene and two methyl branches.