Low-Cost Y‑Doped TiO2 Nanosheets Film with Highly Reactive {001} Facets from CRT Waste and Enhanced Photocatalytic Removal of Cr(VI) and Methyl Orange

In this paper, efficiency recovery of rare earth elements from cathode ray tubes (CRT) waste. Moreover, recycled yttrium was also served as raw material to produce a low-cost Y-doped TiO2 nanosheets film with exposed {001} facets. An etching/dissolution growth mechanism was postulated by systematically investigating the influence of the reaction time. The synergistic effect of the Y dopant and the dominant {001} facets endows TiO2 nanosheets film with excellent activity in the photoremoval of Methyl Orange (MO) and Cr­(VI). A possible mechanism of photoremoval of MO and Cr­(VI) is proposed. This study not only contributes to recycling methods for CRT waste but also presents a new way to prepare low-cost sustainable photocatalytic materials using economically viable waste.