Liquid Densities and Speed of Sound for Ionic Liquid (2-HEAA and 2‑HDEAA) + Alcohol (1-Propanol and 2‑Propanol) Mixtures at T = (293.15–323.15 K) and Atmospheric Pressure

Liquid–liquid equilibrium data are widely used in many industrial sectors. For this reason, it is important to know thermodynamics binary mixture data to better understand molecular interactions between components. This work reports experimental density (ρ) and speed of sound (υ) data for 2-hydroxyethanolamine acetate + 1-propanol, 2-hydroxyethanolamine acetate + 2-propanol, 2-hydroxydiethanolamine acetate + 1-propanol, and 2-hydroxydiethanolamine acetate + 2-propanol binary mixtures, over a wide composition range, between 293.15 and 323.15 K, and at atmospheric pressure (101.3 kPa). For this purpose, a vibrating tube densitometer was used to perform density and speed of sound experimental measurements. From these data, important derivative properties have been calculated, such as isentropic compressibility (κs), apparent molar isentropic compressibility (κø), excess molar volumes (VmE), and apparent molar volume (VØ).