Li2O‑Reinforced Cu Nanoclusters as Porous Structure for Dendrite-Free and Long-Lifespan Lithium Metal Anode

A nanostructured protective structure, pillared by the copper nanoclusters and in situ filled with lithium oxide in the interspace, is constructed to efficiently improve the cyclic stability and lifetime of lithium metal electrodes. The porous structure of copper nanoclusters enables high specific surface area, locally reduced current density, and dendrite suppressing, while the filled lithium oxide leads to the structural stability and largely extends the electrode lifespan. As a result of the synergetic protection of the proposed structure, lithium metal could be fully discharged with efficiency ∼97% for more than 150 cycles in corrosive alkyl carbonate electrolytes, without dendrite formation. This approach opens a novel route to improve the cycling stability of lithium metal electrodes with the appropriate protective structure.