Interrupted Zeolite LTA and ATN-Type Boron Imidazolate Frameworks

Zeolite A (LTA) is of much interest in zeolite family because of its large-scale industrial applications. Making Zeolite A (a typical 4-connected tetrahedral framework material) with a lower connectivity (3-connected) might lead to new open architecture with expanded ring size and enhanced functionality. The first interrupted Zeolite A with 3-connected network has been experimentally realized here by a boron imidazolate (im) framework material (BIF-20) with 3-coordinate BH(mim)3 building units. Additionally, a new strategy toward the construction of functional microporous metal–organic frameworks with interrupted zeolite-type topologies is presented by both 3-connected boron imidazolate frameworks (BIF-20 and BIF-21). BIF-20 has an unusual tetrahedral framework with both debonded α and β cages, and exhibits high H2 uptake capacity.