Integration of Solution-Based Assays onto Lateral Flow Device for One-Step Quantitative Point-of-Care Diagnostics Using Personal Glucose Meter

The personal glucose meter (PGM) has been recently adapted as a novel point-of-care (POC) device for the detection of various targets. However, multistep target binding and enzymatic reactions in solution make it difficult for end users to use this technology for POC detection. To overcome this limitation, we report herein the integration of all assay procedures in solution onto a lateral flow device (LFD) by demonstrating competitive assays in a single step for quantitative detection of both a small molecule (cocaine) and a large protein (streptavidin) based on the glucose measured by PGMs. The LFD system demonstrated here simplifies the POC operation significantly and thus allows an even wider application of the PGM for POC diagnostics at home or in low-resource settings.