Increasing Structural Dimensionality in Ag(I) Coordination Polymers Formed from the Same Flexible Multimodal Thioether Pyrazine Ligand

Three coordination polymers were prepared by the reaction of a new flexible multimodal ligand, bis(2-pyrazylmethyl)sulfide (L), with AgX salts (X = BF4- or PF6-). The polymers showed an increasing dimensionality from 1-D to 2-D to 3-D, and the influence of solvent and anion on the formation and dimensionality of these coordination polymers was explored. A 1-D twisted ladder-like polymer with η-bound benzene and a 2:1 AgPF6-to-L ratio, 1·MeCN, was formed when benzene was present in the solvent mix. A 2-D undulating sheet with 4.8 topology and a 1:1 AgPF6-to-L ratio, 2, was formed when CH2Cl2 was present in the solvent mix. A 3-D network, 3, with two different 4.82 nets linked together by 4.85 bridging nodes was formed when a 1:1 AgBF4-to-L ratio was used and MeNO2 was present in the solvent mix. Coordination arrays 2 and 3 were found to be related topologically.