Highly Stereocontrolled Total Synthesis of β‑d‑Mannosyl Phosphomycoketide: A Natural Product from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

β-d-Mannosyl phosphomycoketide (C32-MPM), a naturally occurring glycolipid found in the cell walls of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, acts as a potent antigen to activate T-cells upon presentation by CD1c protein. The lipid portion of C32-MPM contains a C32-mycoketide, consisting of a saturated oligoisoprenoid chain with five chiral methyl branches. Here we develop several stereocontrolled approaches to assemble the oligoisoprenoid chain with high stereopurity (>96%) using Julia–Kocienski olefinations followed by diimide reduction. By careful choice of olefination sites, we could derive all chirality from a single commercial compound, methyl (2S)-3-hydroxy-2-methylpropionate (>99% ee). Our approach is the first highly stereocontrolled method to prepare C32-MPM molecule with >96% stereopurity from a single >99% ee starting material. We anticipate that our methods will facilitate the highly stereocontrolled synthesis of a variety of other natural products containing chiral oligoisoprenoid-like chains, including vitamins, phytol, insect pheromones, and archaeal lipids.