Highly Efficient Blue Electrophosphorescent Polymers with Fluorinated Poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide) as Backbone

In view of the tolerance of F atoms in FIrpic to the nucleophilic aromatic substitution polymerization, an activated fluorinated poly­(arylene ether phosphine oxide) backbone is used to construct novel blue electrophosphorescent polymers containing FIrpic as the blue emitter, because they can be synthesized under a milder temperature of 120 °C. Compared with the counterparts prepared at high temperature (165 °C), unexpected bathochromic shift is successfully avoided, and a state-of-art luminous efficiency as high as 19.4 cd A–1 is achieved. The efficiency is comparable to the corresponding physical blend system, which indicates that the fluorinated poly­(arylene ether phosphine oxide) has the potential to be used as the platform for the development of high-performance all-phosphorescent white polymer based on single polymer system.