Global Minimum Structures of Morse Clusters as a Function of the Range of the Potential:  81 ≤ <i>N</i> ≤ 160

2007-06-21T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Longjiu Cheng Jinlong Yang
We have attempted to find the putative global minimum structures of Morse clusters for cluster size <i>N</i> = 81−160 as a function of the range of the potential (with potential range ρ<sub>0</sub> ≥ 3.0). Moreover, compared to the results for <i>N</i> ≤ 80 listed in the Cambridge Cluster Database, a number of new putative global minima are given. A structural and conformational analysis of <i>M</i><sub>100</sub> for different ρ<sub>0</sub> was given. The sequences of the global minima as a function of ρ<sub>0</sub> and <i>N</i> were studied, and the zero temperature “phase diagram” was given for an overall view of how the global minima depend upon <i>N</i> and ρ<sub>0</sub>.