From Lithium Bis(trimethylsilyl)amide with Cyanoamine into Triazine Compounds: Synthesis and Structures of Lithium 6-((Trimethylsilyl)amido)-2,4-bis(dimethylamino)[1,3,5]triazines and Their Manganese and Cobalt Complexes

Addition reactions of lithium bis­(trimethylsilyl)­amide with dimethylcyanamide lead to novel lithium salts of 6-((trimethylsilyl)­amido)-2,4-bis­(dimethylamino)­[1,3,5]­triazines [LLi­(D)]2 (L = NC­(NMe2)­NC­(NMe2)­NC­(NSiMe3); D = Me2NCN (1), Et2O (2)) and to the Mn and Co complexes [LL′M] (L′ = N­{N­(SiMe3)­C­(NMe2)}2; M = Mn (3), Co (4)); the structures of crystalline 1, 3, and 4 are reported. Their formation involves trimethylsilyl shifts, ring formation, and unusual Me2NSiMe3 elimination.