Formation of a Heterometallic Al<sup>III</sup>/Sm<sup>III</sup> Complex Involving a Novel [EtAl(2-py)<sub>2</sub>O]<sup>2–</sup> Ligand (2-py = 2‑Pyridyl)

Controlled O<sub>2</sub> oxidation of the Sm­(II) sandwich compound [{EtAl­(2-py)<sub>3</sub>}<sub>2</sub>­Sm] (<b>1a</b>) gives the Sm­(III)/Al­(III) compound [{EtAl­(2-py)<sub>3</sub>}­{EtAl­(2-py)<sub>2</sub>O}­Sm]<sub>2</sub> (<b>2</b>), containing the novel multifunctional dianionic ligand [EtAl­(2-py)<sub>2</sub>­O]<sup>2–</sup>. The formation of an O-bridged Al-O-Sm arrangement in the structure of <b>2</b> is potentially relevant to the catalytic epoxidation of styrene with dry air using heterobimetallic sandwich compounds like <b>1a</b>.