Fabrication of Magnetic Porous Silica Submicroparticles for Oil Removal from Water

With the development of world oil production and the increase of transportation, oil spillage accidents showed a rising trend, which was not only harmful to the ecological environment but also a huge threat to people’s health. Herein, we reported a novel kind of linear-coated magnetic silica submicrometer materials with controlled porosity for oil spill cleanup. The results showed that the submicrometer composite materials with superhydrophobicity, superoleophilicity and good magnetic response, which had a significant effect on oil absorption and was used to absorb different oils up to 11.51 times of its own weight. More importantly, the oil-absorbed material could be recycled in the auxiliary magnetic field and still exhibited an excellent performance after the 20th cycle. With a combination of simple synthesis process, magnetic responsivity, and excellent hydrophobicity, the modified magnetic porous silica submicroparticles have broad application prospects as a promising absorbent.