Expanding Micelle Nanolithography to the Self-Assembly of Multicomponent Core−Shell Nanoparticles

Size, composition, and pattern formation are crucial elements in the fabrication of functional multicomponent nanoparticles (NPs). Self-assembly techniques provide relevant control over NP size distribution (down to a few nanometers in diameter), but more importantly, such techniques are amenable for practical applications since the resulting NPs (and arrays thereof) are programmed in the molecular structure of the precursors. Here, the diblock copolymer micelle nanolithography concept of achieving monodisperse NPs is extended to direct the synthesis of multicomponent core−shell NPs arranged in a triangular lattice. Special emphasis is set on Cocore@Feshell and corrosion resistant (FeCo)core@Aushell NPs. Electron microscopy analyses show a variety of core−shell geometries spanning a wide range of oxide, metal, and alloy combinations.