Enhanced Tribocorrosion Performance of Cr/GLC Multilayered Films for Marine Protective Application

The corrosion and tribology are all closely related to the interface/surface of materials, which are extremely important for the mechanical components used in harsh marine environments. In this work, we fabricated Cr/graphite-like carbon (GLC) multilayered films with different modulation periods on the 316L stainless steels by direct current magnetron sputtering. Tribocorrosion tests in artificial seawater show that the tribocorrosion resistance of the Cr/GLC films is improved as the modulation period decreases from 1000 to 333 nm and then drastically drops with further decreasing to 250 nm. By taking a top-layer thickening strategy for the Cr/GLC film with 250 nm modulation period, the tribocorrosion performance is significantly enhanced. The corresponded mechanisms are discussed in terms of the film structure and electrochemical corrosion behavior.