Effects of Transgenic Bt Rice Containing the Cry1Ab Protein on the Gastrointestinal Health of Highly Inbred Wuzhishan Pigs after Two Generations of Feeding

To assess the safety of transgenic Bt rice, we evaluated the chronic effects of Bt rice carrying the Cry1Ab protein (1.64 mg/kg) on the gut microbiota and histopathology in highly inbred Wuzhishan pigs (WZSP) in a two-generation feeding study. The WZSP of the f0 (n = 26) and f1 (n = 27) generations were divided into GM and Non-GM groups and fed for 360 and 420 days with Bt and isogenic parent-line rice, respectively. The high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing results revealed that the relative abundance of the family Enterobacteriaceae and genus Escherichia were significantly different between f1F and f1Z. The level of the genera CF231 and SMB53 in the f0Z group was higher than that in the f0F group. In addition, no abnormal histopathology changes in the main gastrointestinal tissues were found after feeding with Bt rice. In conclusion, Bt rice consumption has no adverse effects on the gut microbiota or organ function of WZSP.