Effect of an Oscillating Magnetic Field on the Release Properties of Magnetic Collagen Gels

The paper describes the effect of an oscillating magnetic field (OMF) on the morphology and release properties of collagen gels containing magnetic nanoparticles and microparticles and fluorescent drug analogues. Collagen gels were prepared through fibrillogenesis of collagen in the presence of iron oxide magnetic particles averaging 10 nm or 3 μm in diameter and rhodamine-labeled dextran (Dex-R) of molecular weights between 3000−70 000 g/mol. Dextran molecules effectively simulate protein-based drugs, since they have similar molecular weights and dimensions. The paper discusses the effect of an OMF on the release properties of the gels and proposes an empirical model to predict the release rate. It also demonstrates the self-repair capability of collagen gels following the structural damage caused by an OMF.