Diterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, and a Sesquiterpene−Coumarin Conjugate from <i>Jatropha integerrima</i>

Five new compounds, 2α-hydroxyjatropholone (<b>1</b>), 2β-hydroxyjatropholone (<b>2</b>), 1,5-dioxo-2,3-dihydroxyrhamnofola-4(10),6,11(18),15-tetraene (<b>3</b>), 2-keto-5-hydroxyguai-3,11-diene (<b>4</b>), and a sesquiterpene−coumarin conjugate, jatrophadioxan (<b>5</b>), and nine known compounds have been isolated from the roots of <i>Jatropha integerrima</i>. The structures were established from spectroscopic data, and the relative configuration of <b>1</b> was confirmed by X-ray crystallography. Six diterpenes were evaluated for their antiplasmodial, antituberculosis, and cytotoxic activities.