Directed Assembly of Ultrathin Gold Nanowires over Large Area by Dielectrophoresis

Ultrathin Au nanowires (∼2 nm diameter) are interesting from a fundamental point of view to study structure and electronic transport and also hold promise in the field of nanoelectronics, particularly for sensing applications. Device fabrication by direct growth on various substrates has been useful in demonstrating some of the potential applications. However, the realization of practical devices requires device fabrication strategies that are fast, inexpensive, and efficient. Herein, we demonstrate directed assembly of ultrathin Au nanowires over large areas across electrodes using ac dielectrophoresis with a mechanistic understanding of the process. On the basis of the voltage and frequency, the wires either align in between or across the contact pads. We exploit this assembly to produce an array of contacting wires for statistical estimation of electrical transport with important implications for future nanoelectronic/sensor applications.