Diastereoselective Preparation of Chiral-at-Metal Organometallic Complexes Using a Chelating Sulfoxide−Carboxylate Ligand

Using the bidentate ligand (R)-2-[(R)-phenylsulfinyl]propionic acid (1), a range of new chiral-at-metal complexes of general formula [(L)M(S,O)Cl] have been prepared where L = Cp*, M = RhIII (2), IrIII (3), L = p-cymene, M = RuII (4), OsII (5), and L = C6(CH3)6, M = RuII (6) and S,O is the monoanion obtained from the K(t-BuO) deprotonation of 1. Molecular structures for 26 are reported, confirming that these complexes are formed with excellent stereospecificity at the metal center in moderate (59%, 6) to excellent (92%, 3) isolated single-isomer yields.