Design, Synthesis, and Cardioprotective Effects of N‑Mercapto-Based Hydrogen Sulfide Donors

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a signaling molecule which plays regulatory roles in many physiological and/or pathological processes. Therefore, regulation of H2S levels could have great potential therapeutic value. In this work, we report the design, synthesis, and evaluation of a class of N-mercapto (N-SH)-based H2S donors. Thirty-three donors were synthesized and tested. Our results indicated that controllable H2S release from these donors could be achieved upon structural modifications. Selected donors (NSHD-1, NSHD-2, and NSHD-6) were tested in cellular models of oxidative damage and showed significant cytoprotective effects. Moreover, NSHD-1 and NSHD-2 were also found to exhibit potent protective effects in a murine model of myocardial ischemia reperfusion (MI/R) injury.