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Covalent-Cross-Linked Plasmene Nanosheets

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journal contribution
posted on 30.05.2019 by Yiyi Liu, Bo Fan, Qianqian Shi, Dashen Dong, Shu Gong, Bowen Zhu, Runfang Fu, San H. Thang, Wenlong Cheng
Thiol-polystyrene (SH-PS)-capped plasmonic nanoparticles can be fabricated into free-standing, one-nanoparticle-thick superlattice sheets (termed plasmene) based on physical entanglement between ligands, which, however, suffer from irreversible dissociation in organic solvents. To address this issue, we introduce coumarin-based photo-cross-linkable moieties to the SH-PS ligands to stabilize gold nanoparticles. Once cross-linked, the obtained plasmene nanosheets consisting of chemically locked nanoparticles can well maintain structural integrity in organic solvents. Particularly, arising from ligand-swelling-induced enlargement of the interparticle spacing, these plasmene nanosheets show significant optical responses to various solvents in a specific as well as reversible manner, which may offer an excellent material for solvent sensing and dynamic plasmonic display.